Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen is a blog exploring food in history, culture and science and cooking recipes inspired by this.

Main Courses are longer articles of over a thousand words addressing one subject by cooking something based on it. These appear once a month, on a Wednesday.

Light Bites are shorter pieces of less than five hundred words covering recipes, restaurant reviews and rants, sometimes, but not always, related an earlier Main Course theme, usually, but also not always related to food. These appear occasionally in between the main posts.

I also blog about film, TV, and popular culture at Colonel Mustard in the Lounge.

About us

MustardColonel Mustard (in the Kitchen) wrote his Masters thesis on the use of historic cooking in museums and how people respond to it. He is interested in both recreating centuries old recipes and imaginative modern methods. His culinary heroes are Heston Blumenthal and Madhur Jaffrey and he is curiously attached to using chocolate in savoury dishes. He also writes for Whatculture and has guest written for Overthinkingit.


Professor Plum (in the Dining Room) is ‘the diner’. She has a particular fondness for competitive cooking shows (Masterchef, Great British Menu, Great British Bake-Off etc) that she hasn’t quite managed to transfer to Colonel Mustard. She can, despite popular rumour, cook, but rarely anything exciting enough to make it to the blog.

They live together in Leeds.


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