Yesterday was Apple Day, the annual celebration of orchards and apples that has been happening over the past couple of decades at this time of year around late October to coincide with autumnal harvests. Last month we visited Professor Plum’s parents’ home in Cornwall where they have an orchard of their own and helped (well, mostly helped and occasionally got in the way) in making huge quantities of apple juice. So, in honour of Apple Day, here’s some pictures of Professor Plum’s apple juice making.

Apple picking




Picking apples from the orchard


Professor Plum's Apples





Gathering the apples up.



Apple sorting




Sorting good apples from bad.



Cutting apples



Cutting the bruises from the bad apples.




Apple mill





Crushing the apples into an apple-y sawdust with an electric apple mill.

Apple press






Putting the crushed apples into the juice press.

Bottling juice







Bottling the juice.

Apple juice








Drinking the finished juice.


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