As I mentioned on Wednesday, the Christmas Dinner that we were making then was for our own little Christmas celebrations at home. For the week of Christmas itself we’ve been traveling across the country (much more slowly than we’d like, what with the wet and windy weather creating all manner of train delays and cancellations) to see both of our families. The result of all this has been that we’ve ended up having four Christmases and that meant four Christmas dinners and four sets of foodie presents.

Christmas Number One – Our work Christmas dinner. For this we were booked in somewhere we’ve talked about before – local bistro The Go Down – for a traditional Christmas dinner of turkey and all the trimmings. While we found the restaurant;s food only adequate and its staff not quite sufficient to handle everyone on our previous visit, they were slick and efficient at putting on a Christmas dinner for a big group of people. The turkey tasted good and was followed by a Christmas pudding, not always my favourite flavour, but it was brought to the table flaming, which is what you want from a festive pud. For work’s Secret Santa I got chocolate.

Christmas Number Two – The dinner we were talking about on Wednesday: a very nice, cosy affair with just me and Professor Plum.

Christmas Number Three – Christmas Day itself was spent with my whole family at my parents’ house in Salisbury. Dinner was a delicious roast chicken with pigs in blankets, sausage meat stuffing, potatoes and veg, and presents included a huge pile of food related books from My Vietnamese Kitchen to The Flavor Bible.

Christmas Number Four – After the actual day of Christmas, there was still time for one more Christmas, this time with Professor Plum’s family in Cornwall. Once again there was a proper Christmas Dinner with crackers and games, this time made of roast pork. And, once again, there was a selection of food related presents, this time a blowtorch and a pestle and mortar.

All in all, as somebody who loves Christmas I’m pretty keen on this multi-Christmas thing. Hopefully we could make it an annual deal.

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